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Creator Ravenaru
Birth Place Berlin, Germany
Date Of Birth 13th June 1994
Age 14
Family None
Occuptaion Alchemist

State Alchemist

Weapons & Abilities Alchemy


Unique Trait transmutation circle tattoo on his left hand
Goal Finding the Philosopher's stone
 Victor is a character made by User:Ravenaru


When Victor was 4 years old, his parents got murdered leaving him orphaned. Later on, a lung disease strikes him causing him to cough out blood and having trouble breathing but that didn't stop him from learning alchemy to reach his goal, finding the philosopher's stone and restoring his parents. He later on meets the Elric brothers and recognizes them as being Izumi's students when they were young and joins them on their journey stating that they have the same goal.


Victor is calm, quiet, barely speaking but has his own friendly side. He is also wise and intelligent and enjoys learning new stuff.


Victor has long blonde hair, green blue-ish eyes, pale skin and a normal height. He wears a blue top followed by a white and black jacket, black jeans and black boots. He has a transmutation circle tattoo/scar engraved on his left hand.


  • This character is fully made me.
    • Feel free to use him but please tell me first.