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Roleplaying Is Fun Wiki is a collaborative wiki made with the purpose to start and make RolePlays along with several users.
Roleplaying Is Fun is a wiki that absolutely anyone edit.
This wiki mainly consists of fanmade characters, teams etc. Start making your own character with the character template. Don't forget to use the article template for the copyright of your articles. And please be sure to check our Wiki Rules before continuing with your action.
The main motto of this wiki is : "Roleplaying is fun." So enjoy all the roleplays here.

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Fanmade Characters
Victoria Tess
Yorokobi Akarui
Manryne Reyene
Renji Namikawe
Miyoshi Hanaki
Hinode Yoru
Evone Diaz
Nora Willson
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Fanmade Teams

Dark Spear

The Destinacles