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Renji Namikawe
2st animale pic
Creator EskaTheOgre-
Full Name Renjiru Namikawe
Nickname(s) None
Age 15
Birth Date 10th April
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Position Midfielder
Element Wind
Team Unknown
Number 15

Renji Namikawe is a character created by EskaTheOgre-


Renji is a boy coming from a rich family, as a child he got everything he wanted except spending at least few minutes with his parents. One day, he ran away from house to start a new life all by himself. 


Renji is a boy that's very sure of himself. He likes soccer and loves playing it. He usually says what he wants to say without thinking about it. He is kind of a dumb person, but he's not naive and is always willing to help anyone in need.


Renji has got short, spiky hair that cover his right eye. He's always seen wearing his cap. He has brown eyes and a pale skin. He also has three scars on his left cheek. He is wearing a brown, short sleeved jacket, and old jeans. He also has a bracelet on his right hand.

Hissatsu TechniquesEdit

1. Shinkuuma

2. Shippuu Dash

3. Northern Impact