Background Edit

This is an Island that was long forgoten after being in the middle of a war a hundred years ago. This island was the protected by Siya and Ryne the daughters of the last king and queen who ruled tugatia once.

Appearance Edit

Tugatia has a strong resemblance with God Eden but only, Tugatia has a big Tree at the middle of the Forest and has a marking of an "sampuagita" on it this resembles as a marking from the previous people who live there. Also there are no animals living in the lands of tugatia only ocean so the people who lives there only eats fruits and Fish


Their people are very hard working and and are very good fighters. Women makes necklaces and other jewelry using Shells and shinning stones. Men went out to the Sea to catch fish and return home when its almost sunset.

They mostly dance and sing as they prais their God they have no sacrfices.