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Haylia Zent
Haylia Zent
Full Name Haylia Zent
Nickname(s) Hay


Age 11
Birth Date 17 July
Relatives Hayden Zent ( Brother)
Position Midfielder
Element Wood/ Wind
Team The destinacles

The Raimon 11

Number 14
Haylia is Hayden's sister.
Haylia Zent


Haylia has medium, black hair, with dark blue eyes. She wears a black headband too. It is said that her favourite colours are blue, white and black.


Haylia used to live with her brother and parents befroe their hometown was destroyed and she was abducted.


She's the opposite of her brother, who mostly has a grave expression on his face. She's mostly happy, and is very easy-going.


She first appears in Hayden's flashback, when their town is being destroyed. She later on works as a spy for Garshield, but as thy couldn't brainwash her so well, she still longs to be with her brother. In the end, she succeeds and the villains escape. She later helps Soul and others to catch them.