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Full Name Hayden Zent
Nickname(s) Hayd

Haddy Hay ( All these nicknames are sometimes used by Barry)

Age 12
Birth Date 4th January
Relatives Haylia Zent ( younger sister)
Position Defender
Element Wind
Team The Destinacles (Temporary)
Number 11
Hayden is a ninja and formerly, a member of the PRA. He joins it again. He's also a student at the Raimon Jr. High.


" He's a really brave person. He's been through all sorts of hardships in the first 12 years of his life," Barry Palmer.


He's short black hair and drak blue eyes. He usually wears black.


He's a real weirdo. He seldom speaks. His views are always comprehensive, but brief. He says that he's given up soccer from a long time, just like Gouenji. He has all the attributes which a perfect ninja should possess.


Not much is known about his background. It's said that his hometown was destroyed by Valtore, and he'd to move somewhere else in order to save his sister and himself. He works as Pro, Oak's subordinate these days, while helping out Gary too.