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Galaxy Sparks
Full Name Galaxy sparks
Nickname(s) Gal
Age 12
Birth Date Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Position None
Element Unknown
Team None
Number Unknown
Galaxy is a protagonist from the Power Rangers Animated series. ( Note: This article is currently unfinished.


Until now, not much has been revealed about her past. She is seen having flashbacks, though, quite a lot of them. She seems to know Eragon, but doesn't tell him in the beginning.-


She has medium, brown hair, which is separated on both sides. She has dark blue eyes. At a formal gathering, her hair is not tied or anything like that, and a small flower is placed in it.\


She's neither talkative, nor very quite. She's known for her wisdom, agility and intelligence. She is seen laughing at times, although she's mostly having only a smile on her face.