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Team Data
Captain Manryne Reyene
Wins 0
Losses 0
Coach Lelya Himesikawa

this team is made by Djtrance and is lead by Manryne Reyene


this team was first created in the "islas de Tugatia" other known as island of Tugatia. This team has only 11 members and has no bench. they can be found at the middle of the forest most of the time helping lost travellers out of the forest 


1 Asuw De Fernandez (GK/FW)

2 Kapu Bulodin (DF)

3 Duwe Pandak (DF)

4 Juanya Bollan (DF)

5 Enkan Eclastyemo (DF)

6 Adrana Umahawin (MF)

7 Manryne Reyene (Fw/Gk/ Captain)

8 Ashula De Fernandez (FW)

9 Manna Mahiyas (MF)

10 Tikabo Kabay (MF)

11 Sigda Dungwin (MF)


their uniform consits a whit shirt with a design of blue arrow pointing up their sleeves has blue stripe even their colar, they also wear black under shirt and wear wrist bands,they have blue shorts and wears another shorts inside. the captain's band is color light blue, the goalkeeper uniform is nothing diffrent from the rest of the team


  • this team are based of Philippine mythical creatures 
  • all the members of the team has no family
  • this team was made by DjTrance