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Black Thunder
Black Thunder
Team Data
Captain Kanoshi Shimici
Wins 12
Losses 0
Coach None

 A Team With Such Great Strength That Not Even The Great Legend Endou Mamoru Get Break Through The Great Team....There Skills and Power is Up the Limit , They are known to Be The Black Thunder.


They Wear 4 Uniform's For Each Formation.There FW's have Purple and Grey while DF and MF have a Dark Green which looks like a Soldier's Uniform and GK has 2 One is Orange and a Blue Green Colour and The Reversed GK is Light Green and Pearl White.

Team Member'sEdit

  1. Gorido Maniko GK
  2. Chamleo Netsuta DF
  3. Emperi Jetrsu DF
  4. Snaki Nirogishi DF
  5. Tyoni Giroti  DF
  6. Darlio Gertio MF
  7. Figulio Hatohi MF
  8. Giro Hadashi MF
  9. Gorku Dranco FW
  10. Jimoni Badashi FW
  11. Kanoshi Shimici (Captain) FW
  12. Zairio Zigerto GK
  13. Daioni Ogiosu DF
  14. Dirious Lester DF
  15. Geter Henter MF
  16. Goxyius Gertius  (2nd Captain) MF
  17. Neter Henter FW
  18. Sarina Makito FW


Jyuu Dragon

Derku Dragon

Ninjo Titanos

Derk Kear

Winged Hawkus

Kyuu Ogluss

Eaglus Pheonix

Geart Blaster Kaiu

Ooglo Jeryus

Unknown Keshin 1

Unknown Keshin 2

Unknown Keshin 3

Unknown Keshin 4

Unknown Keshin 5

Unknown Keshin 6

(All Reavealed In MY RP SOON! Even My Characters Appearence) 

So Stay TUNE!