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Creator Raven~Sama
Full Name Aelita
Nickname(s) Aeli-chan
Age 13 (in appearance) 113 (elf-ish years)
Race Elf
Gender Female
Codes Shadow x3, Hope x2, Fate x1 Wisdom x1
Likes Flowers, Forest, Animals, Plants
Dislikes Bombs, sweets, meat, dolls
Favorite Flower Meaning Happiness
 Aelita is a character created by: Ravenaru


Aelita's got long pink hair tied in a ponytail, blue eyes, fair skin and a normal height. She usually wears a white t-shirt followed by a blue jacket, grey pants and brown boots.


She is a sweet, friendly, kind girl. Nature-loving seeing that she lives in a forest, very protective to her friends and fond of younger ones. She is also seen very wise despite her age. She is also seen to be a very skilled and well-trained fighter.


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